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[Sun-02-14]How Batte Melt pump Company's history ?

Melt Pump Co., Ltd. , Zhengzhou Bart - Bart melt pump the companys growth in the years to come , our ...

[Sun-02-14]Where the exhibition of Batte Melt pump location?

Date:23-26 April 2014 Location: China ‧ Shanghai New International Expo Center ( China Longyang Roa...

[Sun-02-14]Why do people use the melt pump for extrusion ?

In the extrusion production line due to increased melt pump systems with input costs, which benefits ...

[Sun-02-14]What are the main benefits of using a melt pump?

The main advantage of using a melt pump are: 1 . The extrusion products to minimize dimensional toler...

[Sun-02-14]What is the main function of melt pump?

The main function is to pump the melt temperature of the plastic melt from the extruder pressurized f...

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