2024-03-20 The use of melt pumps to improve extruder performance

Melt pump is a supporting equipment in the plastic extrusion industry, mainly used in conjunction with extruders to improve their performance. The two main functions of an extruder are heating, melting, and pressure conveying, which are closely integrated. Due to the inherent instability of the melting process, the pressure conveying process also exhibits instability, causing the output of the extruder to be in a state of shock and fluctuation. The main purpose of using a melt pump attached to an extruder is to eliminate these impacts and fluctuations. 1. Pressure conveying mechanism It is mea

2023-05-05 Safety Protection Measures of Melt Booster Pump

1. Improving the Reliability of Melt Pressure Detection by Redundancy Method Because of the high power of the melt booster pump, the high temperature and pressure of the transported polyester melt, the measurement of the outlet pressure of the melt booster pump is required to be reliable and accurate, and safety accidents due to the failure of the pressure gauge are not allowed. Using the redundancy method, two pressure transmitters are installed at the outlet of the melt booster pump to measure

2023-05-05 Suggestions on Daily Use of Special Melt Pumps

Some methods and suggestions are adopted in the daily use of single screw special melt pump. 1. Desulfurization of the conveying medium (when the conveying medium contains corrosive medium) or adding corrosive inhibitors. 2. Installation and operation of melt pump shaft of single screw special melt pump should be strictly carried out in accordance with the regulations, so as to avoid eccentricity of shaft and defects of shaft body and eliminate stress concentration. 3. It is suggested that the ma

2023-05-05 Do mask melt blown fabric without melt metering pump, you may buy a fake production line!

Since the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, the supply of masks and other medical protective articles in various parts of the country has been in short supply. From the point of view of mask composition, medical surgical masks generally have three layers: the inner and outer two layers are non-woven fabric, and the middle filter layer is melt blown fabric. Melt blown cloth is commonly known as the heart of the mask. It has good filtration, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption. It is

2023-05-05 Melt blown metering pump and melt blown screen changer

On the one hand, Zhengzhou Batte has a high proportion of local employees and a large amount of raw materials stored before the Spring Festival, which provides favorable conditions for the enterprise to quickly resume normal production. On the other hand, in order to ensure the resumption of production of the first batch of key epidemic prevention and control materials production enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Liyang new materials Co., Ltd. (the companys production of mask core material

2020-12-26 Introduction of a new continuous net scree changer

The existing new type of net screen changer is based on the principle of hydraulic rapid active net changer. A series of net screen changers , such as hydraulic active net changer, new compensating sealed net changer, double column net changer, double plate net screen changer , new connected net changer and new pulse brush net changer, were selected to thoroughly deal with the irregular situation of products caused by the unstable material pressure during the shutdown and net changer of extruder.

2019-07-24 Improvement of High Pressure Melting Gear Metering Pump

Zhengzhou Batte metering pump manufacturer provides a manufacturing process of high pressure molten gear metering pump, which enables the gear metering pump in chemical fiber equipment to withstand high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and wear resistance, greatly prolongs its service life, reduces costs and improves accuracy. The improvement measures of high pressure melt gear metering pump are as follows: The main force-bearing parts of traditional gear metering pump , such as upper and lower plates, pump plates, bottom plates, driven gears, driving gears, driving axles and driven axles

2019-07-04 Energy Efficiency Characteristic Analysis of Melt Gear Pump

Years of experience in gear pump development and production, Zhengzhou Bate gear pump manufacturers provide special gear pump equipment including: chemical gear pump, bottom gear pump, gear metering pump and so on. The comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the energy efficiency characteristics of the melt gear pump are as follows: 1. The relationship between energy efficiency of melt gear pump and melt temperature rise. The energy efficiency of the melt gear pump is low. In fact, the non-zero clearance layer of gear pump changes from mechanical energy to thermal energy due to viscous he

2019-05-21 Importance of Controlling Speed of PET Melt Gear Pump

In continuous PET production, it is very important to keep the rotational speed of gear pump stable for the material balance and stability of the whole production. The rotational speed of the melt gear pump can flexibly choose whether to adopt flow control or pressure control according to the control emphasis. Flow control has the advantages of direct control and intuitive flow display, while its disadvantages are that the pressure before pump is not easy to be stabilized due to the increase of granulation and spinning. The advantage of pressure control is that pressure regulation is timely an

2019-05-13 Details needing attention during installation of melt pump for extrusion

Zhengzhou batte is a professional manufacturer of high-temperature gear pump in China. It provides high-performance and high-standard melt gear pump equipment. This paper introduces the matters needing attention in the installation process of melt pump for extrusion . 1. melt pump for extrusion is installed in cold state and operates at high temperature. Therefore, the influence of thermal expansion and contraction of pipeline and pump body must be taken into account to avoid imposing additional moment on pump shaft and affecting the normal operation of pump. Therefore, when installing in cold