Energy Efficiency Characteristic Analysis of Melt Gear Pump

Years of experience in gear pump development and production, Zhengzhou Bate gear pump manufacturers provide special gear pump equipment including: chemical gear pump, bottom gear pump, gear metering pump and so on. The comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the energy efficiency characteristics of the melt gear pump are as follows:

1. The relationship between energy efficiency of melt gear pump and melt temperature rise. The energy efficiency of the melt gear pump is low. In fact, the non-zero clearance layer of gear pump changes from mechanical energy to thermal energy due to viscous heat, so its pumping efficiency is much lower than 100%. The range of pumping efficiency is usually 15%-35%. The remaining energy consumption is mechanical loss (20%-40%) and viscous heat generation (40%-50%). It can be seen that the melt through the melt gear pump will withstand a larger temperature rise, typically 5-10 degrees Celsius. In extreme cases, the melt temperature can rise as high as 20-30 degrees Celsius.

2. Volumetric efficiency characteristics of melt gear pump. Because of the high viscosity of polymer melt pumped, the leakage of gear pump is very small, so it has relatively high volume efficiency.

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