Improvement of High Pressure Melting Gear Metering Pump

  Zhengzhou Batte metering pump manufacturer provides a manufacturing process of high pressure molten gear metering pump, which enables the gear metering pump in chemical fiber equipment to withstand high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and wear resistance, greatly prolongs its service life, reduces costs and improves accuracy. The improvement measures of high pressure melt gear metering pump are as follows:

  The main force-bearing parts of traditional gear metering pump, such as upper and lower plates, pump plates, bottom plates, driven gears, driving gears, driving axles and driven axles, are made of high-speed tool steel W6Mo5Cr4V2, and vacuum quenching process is adopted to achieve a hardness of 63-65HRC. The specific process is preheating, quenching heating, cooling and tempering. The preheating temperature is 550 and 850 for two times, the quenching heating temperature is 1180 1200 and the cooling temperature is oil cooling, reaching 63-66HRC, and the tempering temperature is 560 and 10 for three times, and finally the hardness is 63-65HRC. The other non-essential parts of the traditional gear metering pump are also manufactured by the traditional high chromium tool steel Cr12MoV. The shape and structure of the whole gear metering pump remain unchanged. High chromium tool steel Cr12MoV, which is the main force component of traditional gear metering pump, is replaced by high speed tool steel W6Mo5Cr4V2. After preheating, quenching, heating, cooling and tempering, its carbide particles are relatively small, high hardness, good wear resistance, red hardness and toughness, which greatly improves the equipment of chemical fibre spinning machine. Accuracy and quality of products can prolong the working life and reduce the production of wood, which has certain social and economic benefits.

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