2014-02-20 Melt pump trip coupling occurs, how to spot checks

After tripping melt pump coupling occurs, we should immediately it as special care facilities, day to have timed the operation and maintenance, repair personnel melt pump coupling carefully checked and recorded, in particular the melt shaft

2014-02-20 What is curing of the plastic film?

The vulcanization is conducted in the storm drain air polymer surface, followed by neutralization and LIOH. After the process of vulcanization and copper, tin and chemical reduction of silver ions balance called reductive metal. Has been re

2014-02-20 How does melt pump booster?

Batte company produces a variety of product types, but our main production mainly to melt pump. Additionally, there are melt metering pump, melt gear pump, high temperature high pressure pump, etc. So how pressurized melt pump it? Let me in

2014-02-09 what are requirements of melt pump in the import and export?

Melt pump further strengthening the pace out of the country, melt pump and export efforts as soon as possible, the need to increase export earnings by administrative means, such as the elimination of export business in a variety of administ

2014-02-09 what are the raw materials of Polymer melt pump?

Today, melt gear pump has been widely used in chemical, grain, plastic film, sheet, plate, extrusions, pipes, wire and cable, wire drawing, composite extrusion production line, the material can be processed almost covers most polymer materi

2014-02-09 What are the series of melt pump?

ZB series melt pump for high temperature and high viscosity polyester melt transport, pressure, voltage, metering. ZB series melt pump displacement from 20cc / turn-630cc / turn, hourly output from 5Kg-5000Kg, 35-250 to meet other single sc

2014-02-09 How melt pump work?

Melt pump is mainly used in high temperature and high viscosity of the polymer melt conveying, pressurization, and Measurement. Foreign widely used in plastics, resins, rubber, chemical products, extrusion molding. Such as: granulation, fil

2014-02-09 Why cast iron pumps will be replaced by stainless steel pump

Iron and stainless steel pumps are made of raw materials, relatively speaking, stainless steel centrifugal pump has a clear advantage in the future instead of cast stainless steel centrifugal pump into a high probability event . It is repor

2014-02-09 What is Melt pump applications in the plastics industry like

In the past many years, the auxiliary plastic extrusion melt pump has been widespread attention for people in developed countries. In the last ten years, it has become the mainstream of the plastics industry . The melt pump Bart numerous ap

2014-02-09 Why Batte is melt pump expert ?

Melt Pump Co., Ltd. , Zhengzhou Bart as professional , they were concerned . We always adhere to market demand-oriented , customer-focused , quality of life , to serve as highlights , new and old customers, is Shou contract re-credit busine