Characteristics of Melt Metering Pump on Production Line

  Melt metering pump is a kind of tool used in extrusion production line. It has the advantages of stability and high efficiency, so it is widely used in many fields. So what are the characteristics of the melt metering pump that can be favored by everyone? Firstly, the components of the melt pump are very simple, mainly consisting of three parts: power drive, fluid transmission and regulation control. In the process of operation, the transmission of medium is realized by clicking the drive gear. Then, in the process of conveying, by adjusting the speed of the motor, the flow rate of the melt metering pump can be controlled to a certain extent. Secondly, the melt metering pump mainly plays an auxiliary role, which can also be said to be the lubricant between the extrusion line and the extruder matching. If the melt metering pump is used in the extruder production line, the stable melt pressure can be guaranteed, and the fluctuation of melt pressure will not be as great as before. Moreover, after using metering pump, the production capacity of extrusion line can be increased and the production efficiency can be improved. Finally, the use of melt metering pump in the extrusion production line and the extruder supporting equipment can also reduce the back pressure of the extruder, thereby reducing the residence time of the medium in the machine, so that the whole plasticizing process can become more stable. However, in the whole process, we need to pay attention to the adjustment of temperature, because the level of temperature will also affect the plasticization process.

  In a word, the performance of the melt gear pump in the whole melt production line is very stable and efficient. It is precisely because of the existence of the lubricant melt metering pump that the extruder equipment and the extrusion production line can be perfectly matched to improve the efficiency of enterprise production, and also reduce the cost of human resources for enterprises, and improve the benefits of products.

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