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ZB-H series of high temperature and high pressure melt pump

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ZB-H series of high temperature and high pressure pump for plastic or melt blown technology.

Technical Parameters

Melt pump body material: CPM tool steel or titanium, tantalum alloys

Material Gear: Hastelloy (optional)

Sliding bearing materials: titanium, tantalum alloys

Seal: Spiral sealing

Heating System: Electric Heating

Model / Flow Range: 5CC - 2000CC, 50cm3/rev - 2000cm3/rev

Operating parameters

Viscosity: ≤ 30000 Pass

Working temperature: ≤ 510 ℃

Cleaning temperature: ≤ 510 ℃

Inlet pressure: ≤ 20MPa of

Pressure: ≤ 50MPa of

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