ZB-C new type strenqthened melt pump

  • Theory:External Meshed Positive Displacement
  • Structure:Gear Pump
  • Power:Electric or oil
  • Pressure:High Pressure
  • Certificate:CE
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Products Details

ZB-C new type strenqthened melt pump based on the further improvement obtained ZB-B is one of the most important Batte model.

plastic extrusion melt pump

ZB-C melt pump self-lubricating system, as well as import and export channel structure optimized gear design. So that the material in a shorter residence time of the pump body, pump gears to prevent the presence of the dead, more suitable for PC, PMMA, PVC high-quality finish, high transparency requirements of the product and the heat-sensitive material extrusion.

ZB-C new type strenqthened melt pump   new type strenqthened melt pump


  Housing: high temperature tool steel, stainless steel

  Gear: M2 steel, other materials can be specified

  Friction bearings: high temperature tool steel,stainless steel

  Shaft seal: double spiral seal

  Heating systems: electric heating, by electric heaters

  Specification/flow range: 0.5CC-2500CC,0.5cm3/rev - 2500cm3/rev

  Viscosity: ≤40000 Pa.s

  Temperature: ≤400℃

  Clearing temperature: ≤450℃

  Input pressure: 0-12MPa

  Differential pressure: 25MPa

Packaging Details: Items are packed in wooden cases.
Delivery Detail: 5-6 Weeks