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Technological process metering pump

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Metering pump is a rigorous process to meet a variety of needs, the flow can be infinitely adjusted within the range of 0-100%, used to transport liquids (especially corrosive liquids) a special volume of the pump. Metering pumps, also known as proportional dosing pumps or pumps. Metering pumps are reciprocating positive displacement pumps for precision measurement, the stability of precision metering pumps usually requires no more than ± 1%. With modern industrial toward automated operation, remote automatic control of the evolving situation, metering pumps supporting strong, adapt medium (liquid) seem particularly outstanding wide range of advantages.

Metering pump principle characteristics

Structure of metering pump

The pump is composed of three parts motor, gear box, cylinder and other components.

Gearbox is a worm body parts, crank rod stroke adjustment mechanism and institutions; to implement high stroke adjustment by rotating the hand wheel adjustment, thereby changing the eccentric shaft to move away to achieve the purpose of changing the plunger (piston) stroke.

Cylinder block is made head, inhalation valve, exhaust valve, piston seal and filler composition.

Metering pump works

Motor driven by coupling the worm and worm gear reducer by the eccentric rotation of the spindle and rotary movement, led by the eccentric reciprocating sliding adjust the seat bow link. When the piston moves backward when the dead point, the gradual formation of a vacuum pump chamber, a suction valve is opened, the suction fluid; dead point when the plunger moves forward, when the suction valve is closed, the discharge valve is opened, the liquid further to the plunger discharge exercise. Reciprocating pump is also working along a continuous pressure, quantitative emission liquid.

Metering pump flow regulation

Pump flow adjustment by rotating the hand wheel adjustment, turn the adjustment screw drive, thus changing the spacing between the arch-shaped rod, changing the plunger (piston) at the stroke of the pump chamber to determine the size of the mobile traffic. Adjusting the scale of the plunger stroke determines the hand wheel, precise rate of 95%.

Metering pump characteristics

⒈ superior performance of the pump, diaphragm metering pumps which absolutely does not leak, high safety performance, precise measurement of transport, traffic can be a fixed value from zero to maximum range can be adjusted from atmospheric pressure to the maximum allowable arbitrarily selected within the range.

⒉ adjust intuitively clear, smooth, no noise, small size, light weight, easy maintenance, can be used in parallel.

⒊ The pump Variety, full performance for transporting -30 degrees to 450 degrees, viscosity is 0-800mm / s, the maximum discharge pressure up to 64Mpa, flow range of ± 1% 0.1-20000L / h, the measurement accuracy.

⒋ according to process requirements of the pump can be adjusted manually adjust the flow and frequency, can realize remote control and computer control.

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