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Type of Melt structure self-priming pump

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Many of the melt structure type self-priming pump, where molten salt pumps, vacuum pumps, liquid pumps, metering pumps, gear pumps, corrosion resistant pumps, acid pumps, fire pumps flow direction of rotation. Then with the right to water flow backwater hole convergence, along spiral flow. As the liquid in the volute continue to impact cascades, constantly being crushed impeller, it is strongly mixing with air to produce a mixture of gas and water, and the constant flow of water resulting gas can not be separated. The mixture was stripped in the volute exit the tongue, along the short tube into the separation chamber. In the air separation chamber is separated out from the drain outlet pipe, and the water is still flowing through the impeller backwater hole around the outer edge of the suction tube and mixed with air. This repeated cycle, gradually sucked the air pipe drained the water into the pump, self-priming process is completed. Self-priming diaphragm pump sewage pump screw gear melt  pump the same, the difference is not just a backwater flow impeller outer edge, while the flow impeller inlet. The mixed-type self-priming pump startup, the return valve must be opened before the bottom of the impeller, so that the liquid flows back to the pump impeller inlet. Water under high-speed rotation of the impeller and the suction effect of the tube to mix with air to form a gas mixture is discharged to the water separation chamber. Here the water and from the air discharge and return to the impeller inlet recirculation valve. This is repeated until the air drained suck Sheung Shui to the mixed-style pump, works with external mixing self-priming.

Self-priming pump is self-priming height, before sealing the gap with the impeller, the number of revolutions of the pump, the separation chamber liquid level and other factors. Impeller before sealing gap is smaller, the greater the height of self-absorption, and generally 0.3 to 0.5 mm; in the gap increases, except for self-priming height drop, the pump head, efficiency decreased. Self-priming pump impeller height with a circumferential speed u2 increases, but the maximum height of self-absorption, increasing the number of revolutions is no longer self-priming height increased, this time just to shorten the time of self-absorption; When revolutions when dropped, the height of self-absorption, along with the decline. In other conditions remain unchanged, self-priming height also increases storage height increases. In order to better enable self-priming pump gas mixed with water, the impeller blades shall be less, so that the pitch of the cascade increases; and should adopt the semi-open impeller (or impeller wide channel impeller), which is more facilitate the penetration depth in the backwater impeller cascade.

Most self-priming pump and engine package, mounted on a movable trolley, suitable for field work.

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