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Gear pumps used in the food industry

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Internal gear pump used in the food industry

Chocolate Industry

Every one knows that chocolate factory to precise control of temperature, time and composition, as these factors will affect the taste and texture to the finished product.

The manufacture of chocolate and chocolate liquor substantially thin layer of chocolate ingredients, extruding the cocoa beans, roasted nibs to form a slurry, the viscosity before the grinding cocoa nibs are roasted and degree of humidity are related. There are many types of machines used to crush the cocoa particles, and the temperature during the grinding process using the grinding apparatus of the type used, and usually the temperature range 100 ~ 200 ° F. Further, the viscosity of the liquid chocolate is also temperature dependent: after cooling, the solution became a solid, in the process, the viscosity range of 10,000 ~ 35,000 SSU.

Many different chocolate formulations contain a mixture of finely ground solids, including cocoa, sugar and dairy products, these ingredients are homogeneously suspended in the cocoa butter or fat substitutes in. After treatment the gear pump, liquid chocolate, cocoa butter has a specific composition, depending on the requirements of the finished product.

When pumping liquid chocolate is recommended not excessive pump pressure, as this will cause more oil is pressed out of the cocoa. At 90 ° F or less, and cocoa butter will be cured, but above this temperature, it rapidly thinned to 50 SSU. Due to its characteristics, the solution having a chocolate abrasive.

Chocolate processing for a particular usually required in accordance with the wear resistance, lubrication pumps, and other custom properties. Since the liquid shear-sensitive characteristics, any liquid is sucked into the pump will be converted into solid particles. Our internal gear pump can be provided by the pump internal alterations, better recycling liquid form, so that you can ensure that the chocolate does not accumulate somewhere in the pump.

Edible oil industry

Edible oils typically include cooking oil, salad oil, frying oil, margarine, mayonnaise and shortening. These oils are also used in industrial products, such as surfactants, dispersing agents and accelerators.

1, extraction and refining

People crushed oilseeds, extracted from crude oil. After these physical or chemical refining of crude, unnecessary components can be removed, and then the modified oil which was purified (mixed) can be modified to give an oil.

In the extraction stage, the need to clarify the transmission with a gear pump and recycled sludge in the oil sump, a very high viscosity of the liquid, in this case the use of the rotary gear positive displacement pump is very efficient.

In the oil treatment process, effective NPSH (NPSHa) may be very low. Since the gear pump is a positive displacement pump, i.e. self-priming pump, a low NPSH required, thus achieving the applicable standards.

When chemical refining, the liquid has to go through several processes, more typical are: degumming, neutralization, bleaching and deodorization. In the process, the temperature, the viscosity is very high, in which case you need to use stainless steel, a positive displacement gear pump with a jacket. Jacket on both ensure that the liquid pump to maintain its temperature, characteristics and not leave the product is affected.

2, car transport, or shipping

Modified during transport oil and oil products, the positive displacement gear pump is widely used. This pump is equipped with a long shaft, hydraulic input can accept (PTO), can provide power for the operation of the pump. Because of the limited space of the truck, the pump size becomes a problem of concern to the user.

Sugar Industry

As the syrup or sugar solution difficult sealed, so the pump needs to analyze characteristics of the particular supplier of liquid, and then sealed to provide an appropriate solution. Hard surface in contact with the mechanical seal (such as silicon carbide SiC) is useful because the sealing surface to improve the wear resistance.

Some molasses sugar and wine industry used to handle very sensitive to shear forces will cause the liquid to change the viscosity. Typically starting at a lower speed of the pump, by providing the cured parts for better wear resistance, a good way to be regarded as initial. Our company provides internal melt  pump is also available to carry out alterations to the internal pump, to get a better liquid recirculation pump and make sure no molasses accumulation.

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