How to improve the product's precision in extrusion process of plastic

Extruder melt pump outlet pressure is affected by various factors, there are large fluctuations, will be able to affect the dimensional accuracy of the product, if we install a melt pump between the extruder die outlet and can be used extruder outlet to stabilize pressure fluctuations, making the linear extrusion becomes possible to improve the dimensional accuracy of plastic products, improve the yield of the extruder per unit time.

Bart melt pump is a positive displacement transportation equipment, precision gear clearance and volume structure designed to make it possible stable equilibrium extrusion, chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, plate, extrusions, pipes, wire and cable, wire drawing, composite extrusion production line is widely used, and achieved good results:

1 can achieve stable extrusion, extrusion products to improve the dimensional accuracy, reduce scrap rates. In the extrusion process, the material uniform charging amount, the volatility of the barrel and the die temperature, screw speed pulsation phenomenon is difficult to avoid. Use melt gear pump feeding system eliminates feeding errors can be greatly reduced fluctuations upstream process passed quickly into the stable working condition, improve the dimensional accuracy of extruded products, reduce scrap rates.

2 to increase production, reduce energy consumption, low temperature extrusion, longer machine life. Since the installation of the extruder the polymer melt pump, the pressure is transferred to the function of the extruder gear pump is completed, the extruder can be operated at low temperature and pressure state, the leakage flow is greatly reduced, the yield is improved. Gear pump more efficiently than the extruder head pressure established, and reduce the back pressure of the extruder, the screw withstand axial forces fall and prolong life.

3 has a linear extrusion characteristics, easy on the downstream device coordination. As the gear pump leakage is less traffic, transport capacity and speed of the pump basically a linear relationship, the gear pump speed changes, the flow can know exactly, because you can determine the downstream equipment and gear pump operating speed sync, use a gear pump inlet pressure at the outlet collection, temperature and other information, the entire extrusion process throughout the on-line monitoring and feedback control.

Siemens PLC control system programmable control mode, equipped with advanced man-machine interface, capable of pressure, temperature, flow, speed full range of control, automatic and manual control functions worry switching control system can eliminate all good variety of factors causing fluctuations in the pressure of the extruder, the pressure stability of the discharge port, maximize the advantages of precision extrusion melt pump area.

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