How to reduce vibration and noise gear pump

Cover both sides of the pump and gear pump as hard seal direct contact, if the contact surface flatness do not meet requirements, the pump at work easily sucked into the air; between Similarly, the pump cover and gland also in direct contact, the air is easy to invade into; if the lid of plastics due to its damage or deformation due to temperature changes, and the air will enter the Mifengbuyan. Exclude this failure is:

1, when the flatness of the pump or melt pump cover less than the specified time, you can press "8"-shaped grinding with emery routes serving on the plate, but also on the grinding surface grinder can make flatness than 5μm, and the need to ensure that the requirements of their degree of vertical plane and the hole; for leakage and the gland at the pump cover, and can be coated with epoxy adhesive seal.

2, commonly used for shaft seal skeleton sealed. If clamping spring off the lip, or the anti-oil package, or lips were strained, aging, often in the back end will make the vacuum state seal and suck air, and can be replaced with new seals to be addressed.

3, the fuel tank is not enough, or the suction nozzle is not plugged in to the oil below the surface, the Melt Pump for Extruder  will be sucked into the air, you should go to the oil in the oil tank supplementary marking; If the oil return pipe mouth exposed, sometimes moment due to the negative pressure within the system leaving the air coming down into the anti-system, so the return line ports generally should be inserted into the oil below the surface.

4, the installation position of the oil from the pump is too high, especially when the pump speed is reduced, due to the pump suction chamber is not necessary to ensure a degree of vacuum caused by lack of air sucked into the suction. You should adjust the relative height of the pump and the oil so that it meets the requirements.

5, the oil filter is clogged dirt or capacity is too small, resulting in increased resistance sucked into the suction air; addition, into and out of the oil port of larger diameter may also be brought into the air. At this point, washable filter, or select a larger capacity, and Caliber appropriate filters. So, not only can breathe air, but also to prevent the generation of noise.


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