Professional production and sales of stainless steel gear pump

Working volume changes and rely on mobile stainless steel gear pump and gear pump cylinder formed between to transport liquid or pressurized rotary pump so that the outer structure of the double meshing gears. A pair of intermeshing gears of the pump cylinder and the suction chamber and a discharge chamber are separated. When the gear rotates, the gear teeth are disengaged from each side of the suction chamber at a gradually increasing volume of the teeth, the pressure drops, the liquid in the pressure differential into the teeth.

With the rotation of the gear, the teeth of one are brought to the liquid discharge chamber. In this case the volume of the discharge chamber side teeth meshing is gradually reduced, while the liquid is discharged. Gear pump for conveying solid particles, non-corrosive, lubricating viscosity range larger liquid. Gear pump flow can be up to 300 cubic meters / h, pressure up to 3 × 107 Pa.

It is usually used for transporting various types of hydraulic pumps and oil. Gear pump structure is simple and compact, easy to manufacture, easy maintenance, self-priming capability, but the flow, pressure pulsation large and noisy. Gear pumps must be equipped with safety valve to prevent some reason, such as clogging the pump discharge pipe outlet pressure exceeds the allowable value of damage to the melt gear pump or prime mover.

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