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Packaged with a dedicated melt pump information:

Development planning, industrial policy and industry access standards, is an important means to strengthen and improve macro-control is an important investment projects approved enterprise basis. The main purpose of this chapter written from the perspective of development planning, industrial policy and trade access, objectives and functions of positioning demonstration project construction is reasonable, whether to meet the various planning requirements associated with the project is consistent with the relevant laws and regulations, macro policy, industrial policy and other regulations, meets industry standards for admittance to optimize the layout of major requirements.

In development planning should elaborate the overall economic and social development planning, regional planning, urban master planning, urban system planning, industry development plan and other planning is closely related with the content of the proposed project, the proposed project meets the relevant requirements planning, project objectives and planning the content is analyzed convergence and coordination demonstration.

In terms of industrial policy, elaborated associated with the proposed project industrial restructuring, industrial development, industrial layout, industrial and technological policies and other content, analysis of the proposed project engineering and technology programs, products, programs are in line with the relevant industrial policies, laws and regulations requirements, such as the implementation of a national technology and equipment to improve the capability of independent innovation policies and so on. In terms of access to the industry to explain the proposed project and related industries access policy, access standards and other content, analysis and evaluation of the project construction unit and the proposed project meets the relevant requirements.

"Resource development and utilization analysis" section to prepare Explanatory notes rational development and the effective use of resources to implement the scientific concept of development is an important content. Important resource for the development and use of corporate investment projects, conservation-oriented society, from the perspective of the development of recycling economy construction, resources development, rational utilization and effectiveness analysis and appraisal.

For resource development projects, to elaborate exploration of reserves and quality of cases, discussed the development of the proposed amount of available development resources, natural quality, occurrence conditions, such as the development value, program analysis and evaluation of projects for compliance with relevant resources development and utilization of sustainable development strategic requirements, compliance with policies and regulations to protect resources and the environment, compliance with the relevant requirements of the development of the overall planning and resource utilization. In the analysis and evaluation of resource development programs, we should focus on resource development of scale and efficiency analysis, restriction blind development, to avoid the exploitation of resources in the waste; mining equipment and technical solutions to be adopted analyze whether the increase resource utilization efficiency requirements; evaluation of resource development program to improve compliance with environmental and resource policies to promote the development of related industries requirements.

Need to occupy an important resource for the construction of the project, describes the variety and quantity of resources should take up the project, the proposed resource supply program; involving multi-metal, multi-purpose chemical element Ore, associated conditions, such as mining and oil and gas mineral mix should be based on resource characteristics make reasonable utilization program, make the best use; unit production capacity by major resource consumption, compared to the advanced level resource recycling utilization indicators analysis and evaluation of the proposed project advancement and efficiency of resource use reasonable sex; analysis and evaluation of resource utilization plan is consistent with the development of recycling economy and building a conservation-oriented society; whether the analysis of resource use would surface (under) water and other resources adversely affected, in order to improve the overall efficiency of resource use.

In the analysis of resource utilization, response analysis and evaluation of resource conservation measures.

This chapter covers the main program of measures as a raw material projects and programs in all kinds of metal ore, non-metallic minerals and water conservation, and its analysis and evaluation. Analysis of the energy efficiency rating dedicates a chapter on separately. For water consumption or heavily dependent on water projects, as well as involving major metal ore, non-metallic mineral development and utilization of construction projects, to deal with water-saving measures and the corresponding metal ore, non-metallic minerals and other raw materials saving special demonstration programs, analysis resource consumption indicators proposed project, describes the construction program meets the conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources related to special planning policies and requirements on how to improve the efficiency of resource use, reducing consumption of resources proposed countermeasures.

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