Zhengzhou Batte metering pumps Overview

Zhengzhou Batte metering pumps Overview

I. Overview

As fluid precision measurement and dosing of the ideal equipment, gear metering pump has now been widely used in various fields including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and petrochemical industry, including, in the process bears a strong corrosive, toxic, highly viscous and measurement of high-pressure media add tasks. After more than half a century of practical application and technical improvements, metering pump has now entered its period of rapid growth.

Now, mature drive way and liquid delivery end (head) materials technology makes the new metering pumps can do almost any routine and special media delivery requirements, working pressure and capacity and meet the requirements of the vast majority of industrial production.

With the general increase in awareness of the production process indicators and automation requirements, as the ultimate executive body chemical metering and adding links, metering pump safety and controllability become increasingly important. Petroleum and chemical industry has always been a highly automated production process is known, is one of the distribution, distributed and intelligent computer control systems most widely used in the field, thus requiring a matching actuators - metering pump has to have flexible control mode, the computer system can easily create various control loops to achieve more complex and precise process control.

Second, the basic working principle of metering pumps

Known chemical metering pump  are driven by the power, control and regulation of fluid delivery of three parts. Power drive systems driven by mechanical linkage fluid transport membrane (piston) to achieve reciprocating motion:

Diaphragm (piston) at the stroke of half weeks before the transmission fluid will be inhaled and a half weeks after the fluid discharge head; Therefore, changing the frequency or stroke reciprocating stroke length every time can be up to reciprocate the purpose of regulating the amount of fluid transport . Precision machining accuracy to ensure that the amount of each pump so as to realize precision metering is transported medium.

Its power-driven and fluid transport of different ways, metering pump plunger can be roughly divided into two types, and diaphragm.

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