China extruder industry supply situation

Plastics machinery market in China, the extruder as an important processing equipment, development prospects are very optimistic, seen from a comparison of the last two years, extruder market has no small forward and breakthrough. After extruder production line will also host and toward energy-efficient, sustainable direction.
2006 production in China extruder manufactured more than 25,000 sets of presses is one of China's main exports. China hosts from the extruder to manufacture a full line of both cost-effective supply of a complete solution.
Plastic pipe to meet building and municipal engineering plastic and steel, plastic and cement market demand. China pipe production technology has the attention of the world, can provide a variety of solid core tube to the domestic market, bellows, plastic composite pipe, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes, hot and cold water transport (PPR) pipes, each kinds of municipal water supply pipes, wire and cable sheathing, high molecular weight pipe, perforated pipe, muffler pipes under other production lines.

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