Analysis of China extruder supply situation

Distinguish from the host and plastic products , China can manufacture extruders include single -screw extruder , suitable for processing a variety of materials and structures of various plates, sheets, film , wire, rod , etc. ; parallel -rotating twin screw extruders and conical counter-rotating twin-screw extruder , suitable for processing temperature-sensitive materials such as PVC plates, tubes , profiles , etc. ; parallel co-rotating twin -screw extruder , suitable raw materials blending, filling, devolatilization , modified , pelletized, to increase a certain device such as a melt pump can be used for direct molding ; material for the production of highly filled disc extruder, a reciprocating screw extruder .
China has 3-7 layers available to domestic and foreign markets multifunctional composite film production line , three -layer composite structural chemical packaging film production line , and various agricultural mulch films and geomembrane production line production line extrusion blown film lines . In addition, various cast film with a one-way , two-way stretch film production technology has matured , and offers 5-layer composite or width of more than five meters of extruded cast film production line.
With the maturing and development of auxiliary equipment and mold technology , extrusion line extruder gradually become the main Chinese market . PVC profile and its subsequent processing equipment, film and pipe production technology and equipment , a variety of cable coating technology in China has mature technologies can provide.

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