Properties of blown film extruder

The extruder must be capable of processing various molar mass, molar mass distribution, comonomer content and comonomer distribution of different polyethylene. Low power extruder applies only LDPE production because of its low power features help to improve the shear yield alkenyl. Extrusion may require antioxidants, UV stabilizers, lubricants, slip agents and binders and other additives, and may also need a separate injection device which is additive or dry mixed. You must polymer melt extruder, the melt conveying to the head, producing films. Typically, a single screw extruder for film extrusion. There are a variety of single-screw extruder. Overall, however, they are most suitable for distribution mix. Distributive mixing is just sufficient to produce a homogeneous mixture of the components will be able to melt. Twin-screw extruder is more intense mixing. Therefore, when mixed with the need to diversify. Dispersion requires high shear mixing is broken into smaller dispersed phase particles of the dispersed phase may be another polymer may also make the filler particles have aggregated.

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