Screw design blown film production

Extruder screw is usually divided into three sections, the feed zone , compression and metering zones . The polymer particles of the feed section , fillers and additives is transported from the hopper to the main portion of the extruder . In the compression section , the polymer melt- mixed with other ingredients and compressing the ingredients into a continuous flow of molten polymer . The metering section uniform polymer flow rate delivered to the nose . Semi-crystalline polyethylene polymer , a wide melting range , especially when there is a random copolymer or a branched chain, such as how LDPE LLDPE. Melting section of the screw or compression section to be very broad , and its shallow grooves produce compression. Molar mass polyethylene other than the extruded polymer for high melt viscosity and therefore high . Polyolefin weak intermolecular forces , mainly due to its mechanical properties and precision piled high molar mass of the molecular chain regularity . In addition to the extrusion force required , the strength of the thin film for the molten film extrusion is also important. In all the polyolefins , polypropylene is difficult for the production of film , because of its low melt strength . High molar mass , helps to form a film , but the entire part of the extrusion process consumes more energy.
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