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Prepolymer melt pumps

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Construction of prepolymer melt pumps is designed especially for low-viscosity applications. Polymer processes require components that convey oligomers and pre-polymers with unfailing reliability.

prepolymer melt pump
Prepolymer melt pumps benefits:
Excellent filling properties thanks to optimised inlet parameters
Flow-optimised flow channels
Comprehensive heating
Gentle handling of the polymer melts thanks to special gearing with low squeeze
High level of overall efficiency, minimised friction thanks to state-of-the-art gear and bearing technology
Low-pulsation pumping even at high differential pressures
Compact design

Prepolymer melt Pumps application operational range:
Outlet pressure [bar]: Max. 120
Differential pressure [bar]: Max. 110
Pump size: 56 to 180
Specific volume [cm3/U]: 92 to 3,200
Throughput range [m3/Tag]: 20 to 900
Viscosity [Pas]: Up to 60
Temperature [°C]: Up to 350

Thanks to the prepolymer melt pumps, reactors no longer need to be pressure-overlaid. The high level of efficiency and long service life of melt pump can increase the overall efficiency of your production plant.

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