SP system in series with extruder and

  A new type of melt pump extrusion system can be formed by series combination of the melt pump and single screw extruder according to its pressurization and metering characteristics. By synthesizing the advantages of single screw extruder and melt pump, the overall performance of the system will be more perfect. The performance and application of SP system in series with extruder and melt pump are as follows:

  1. The extrusion flow fluctuation of SP system is small and the extrusion product size is accurate. The extrusion product size is accurate. Precise control of extrusion volume is more necessary for products with high cost of raw materials.

  2. Extruded products with high recycled materials can be used. In the extrusion of sheets and sheets produced by thermoforming, it is often necessary to digest a large number of leftovers, i.e. recycled materials. The irregular particle size of recycled material after crushing will lead to the fluctuation of extrusion volume, which will eventually lead to greater thickness tolerance of extruded products or higher rejection rate. This kind of problem can be effectively solved by SP unit. High-quality products can be extruded using materials with recycled material content up to 50% or higher.

  3. Extend the working life of the extruder. The extruder equipped in SP system runs under very low back pressure (generally about 5 MPa), which makes the axial force and torque of the screw decrease greatly, thus effectively reducing the wear of the screw, barrel and transmission device. The service life of extruder is prolonged, which further reduces the operation cost of production equipment.

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