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Material Selection and Common Heat Treatment of Melt Pump Gears

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Batte is a professional melt pump manufacturer in China. It has advanced processing equipment and experienced technicians to guarantee the products with high precision and no pulse. The melt pump gear provided by the melt pump manufacturer of Batt is generally made of alloy steel or stainless steel, such as Cr12MoV, W18Cr4V and W9Cr4V2. There are three common methods for heat treatment of melt pump gears:

1. Gear surface hardening treatment such as nitriding: The process advantage is that it has very good torque transmission characteristics and is not easy to break at high load; its disadvantage is that the metal surface and internal hardness are too different, easily causing the hard metal to squeeze the soft metal layer. damage.

2. The hardenability treatment of the melt pump gear: The process advantage is that it has good wear-resisting ability, and it will not cause the entire gear to fail quickly because of the destruction of the surface layer; its disadvantage is that the harder the gear, the easier it is to destroy, and Sensitive to torque and vibration.

3. After the gears are quenched and hardened, the surface hardening: process advantages, it will not make the hardness difference between the gear surface and the interior too much, has the advantages of strong resistance to surface damage and excellent transmission torque, etc., and is currently the most widely used.

The melt pump gear provided by the melt pump manufacturer of BAFT adopts the through-hardening process method, the hardness is kept at HRc54-58, the surface is titanium nitride, and the hardness reaches Hv2500 to ensure the internal hardness of the gear and the corrosion resistance of the inner surface. And abrasion resistance, better pitting resistance than simple nitriding tooth surface. Zhengzhou Bart provides special melt pump equipment including: ZB-D pipeline pump, ZB-R rubber pump, PVC special pump.

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