What materials are used for the dual axis rubber extruder melt pump?

The dual axis rubber extrusion melt pump, as an efficient and precise processing equipment, plays an irreplaceable role in the rubber industry. It can handle various types of materials, covering most commonly used raw materials and formulas in the rubber industry.

Firstly, the biaxial rubber extrusion melt pump can handle both natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is widely used in fields such as tires and shoe materials due to its excellent elasticity and wear resistance, while synthetic rubber plays an important role in special industrial fields due to its customizability, oil resistance, heat resistance, and other characteristics.

dual axis rubber extruder melt pump

Secondly, it can also handle various additives commonly used in rubber processing, such as fillers, plasticizers, vulcanizing agents, etc. These additives can improve the physical properties, processing performance, and service life of rubber, and enhance the quality and competitiveness of rubber products.

In addition, the biaxial rubber extrusion melt pump is also suitable for processing blends of rubber and plastic. The blending of rubber and plastic can combine the advantages of both to create new materials with unique properties, meeting the constantly changing demands of the market.

rubber melt pump for extruder

Not only that, the dual axis rubber extrusion melt pump also performs well in handling recycled rubber and rubber waste. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the emphasis on resource recycling, the recycling of rubber and waste has become an important development direction in the rubber industry.

In summary, the dual axis rubber extrusion melt pump has a wide range of material processing capabilities and can cope with various complex and ever-changing processing needs in the rubber industry. Whether it is natural rubber, synthetic rubber, various additives and blends, or even recycled rubber and waste, it can be processed in an efficient and stable manner, providing strong support for the development of the rubber industry.

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