What is the function of installing a metering melt pump on a small extruder in the laboratory?

An indispensable part of a small extruder with precision extrusion is a melt metering pump, a device that accurately measures flow rate, which can measure the capacity of polymers and increase fluid pressure.

micro melt pump for laboratory

The main role of melt pump for extrusion in laboratory small-scale extrusion systems is:

1. Accurate measurement control;

2. Reduce the impact of screw oscillation;

3. Convey uniformly melted resin to the mold head;

4. Avoid uneven melting density;

5. Improve product quality;

6. Smaller product tolerances;

7. Save on raw materials.

small melt gear pump

The role of a melt metering pump in extrusion stability is self-evident. In the laboratory stage, after configuring a small extruder with a melt metering pump, it can approach the actual production environment to a large extent and prepare sample samples well, which has a very positive role in guiding the production process.

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