Precautions for selecting cross shaft universal coupling for melt gear pump

The torque between the melt gear pump and the motor is transmitted through a cross shaft universal coupling. Due to its large angle compensation ability, the cross shaft universal coupling has a compact structure, smooth operation without noise, strong load-bearing capacity, and a torque of over 6000KN · M. It is widely used for high-power transmission with obvious energy-saving effects. When selecting a cross shaft universal coupling for polymer melt conveying gear pumps, the following points need to be noted.

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1. It is necessary to clarify the size and category of the transmitted load: whether it is a unidirectional constant load, pulsating load, or a bidirectional alternating load, and the specific operating conditions coefficient;

2. Working environment: whether there are adverse environmental conditions such as high temperature, dust, water immersion, chemical corrosion, and short maintenance cycles;

3. On site installation conditions: Are there any restrictions on the installation location and the specific installation length;

4. What is the rotational speed of the universal joint itself and whether dynamic balancing is required.

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