Melt gear pumps in ABS extrusion lines

Our melt gear pumps are used in a wide range of processes in the polymer industry, including resin, chemical fibre and rubber industries, to convey PS, HIPS, ABS materials ranging from low temperature -30°C, low viscosity 0.1 Pa.s solutions to high temperature 350°C, high viscosity 40,000 Pa-s polymer melts. The operating pressure ranges from -0.09 MPa to 35 MPa under vacuum, and we offer a wide range of gear pumps for different materials to meet the requirements of different production processes. Our polymer melt pump for ABS are characterised by precision construction, high accuracy, low pressure and flow pulsation and long life. At the same time, Zhengzhou Batte provides the whole process of consulting, design, mapping, maintenance, modification and spare parts for melt gear pumps to meet the requirements of customers.

melt pump for extrusion

Zhengzhou Batte melt gear pump manufacturer provides abs extrusion polymer melt pump solutions for the whole production line from raw material transfer, glue transfer, circulation, pre-polymerisation, polymerisation, de-volatilisation, etc. The company has many PS / HIPS / ABS production device successful application performance, the continuous polymerization process of a variety of ontology have in-depth understanding, according to the user's actual production requirements, to provide guidance on the selection of models.

reactor kettle melt pump

The melt pumps provided by Zhengzhou Bate are resistant to high temperatures, high pressures and strong corrosion, and have excellent performance in practical applications. For melt gear pumps with high processing accuracy, difficult processing, large specifications and other technical difficulties, Zhengzhou Batte also overcomes them one by one, using superior technical strength to meet customer needs.


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