Silicone rubber compound gear pump

n the filtration of silicone rubber compound, the advantage of using a gear pump is significantly larger than that of other rubber compounds, such as EPDM. This is because silicone rubber compounds have very low viscosity, so the pressure increase has a greater impact on the output of the single screw extruder. For example, the test results show that for a specific organosilicon compound, if the pressure is increased from 10 bar to 40 bar, the output of single cycle single screw will be reduced by 50%. Due to the low viscosity of silicone rubber, even under relatively low pressure growth, there may be large loss in output. Instead, the gear pump can solve these problems and liberate the extruder from the accumulation pressure, only to fill the gear pump, and the pressure is about 5 bar to 10 bar. Compared with other rubber compounds, due to the low viscosity of silicone rubber, the filling pressure P1 required for filling gear pumps during processing is very low.

In the application of silicone rubber filtration, the output pressure of the gear pump can reach as high as 150 bar, while the extruder only needs to provide a very low inlet pressure. This makes the extruder gear pump system get relatively high output.

The extruder gear pump system of silicone rubber filtration can be directly used in rubber making, and is used for batch sizing of adhesive tape packing. Combex 120 can make silicone rubber filtration efficiency reach 1500 kg/h.

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