Plastic melt pump industry background

At present, China's plastic products industry is still growing rapidly with the steady growth of the country's macroeconomy. However, the development of domestic plastic products still lags behind that of developed countries. Some aspects of production and sales are not very perfect, therefore, to speed up the development of plastic products industry is an urgent requirement of our social and economic development. With the rapid economic development in our country, this requirement is even more remarkable. Since plastic products have special manufacturing processes, the technical requirements for plastic extrusion processes have become crucial issues in the plastic products industry. However, due to the influence of various factors on the outlet pressure of the extruder, there is a big fluctuation which will affect the dimensional accuracy of the product and the rejection rate. Especially for some costly raw materials, it is more necessary to use a melt pump. More valuable. This will be the development direction for more than a decade and will have broad prospects for development.

Due to the nature of the plastic extrusion process, the material must be guaranteed to be delivered to the extruder head under high pressure. With the development of the machinery industry, melt pumps are gradually being adopted by the industry people in the domestic market. The project will focus on the specific role of melt pump in the production of chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, plate, profile, pipe, wire and cable, wire drawing and composite extrusion for parallel co-rotating twin- Melt pump for parallel with the twin-screw production capacity, production accuracy, the degree of loss for the unit equipment and the actual use of energy performance.

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