Plastic Sheet and Plate Extrusion Line

The plastic plate & sheet production line is sepecially designed for the extrusion of single layer or multi-layer plates & sheets of PVC or PMMA material

Main extruder adopts SJ series single screw extruder, machine's configuration is based on different material; Double position automatic hydraulic screen changer can be shifted quickly and continuously; Special seal structure assures no leakage; Dynisco melt pump and pressure feedback control system, which provides stable pressure, improve the output and precision of products; Extrusion mold adopts cloth-rack style single or multi-layer extrusion die;

Our plastic sheet extrusion machine mainly includes PVC/PP/PS sheet extrusion ... Product Name: PVC polymer paint-free plate production line.

The internal surface by strictly polished and hard chrome plated which assure stable extrusion and perfect smooth finish;

Vertical or gradient style Three roller calendar, adopts individual oil temperature control device which features precise temperature control, easy operation; Simple two roller design haul off, adopts inverter control which ensures various speed regulation and stable running; Automatic cutting and length counting device assures quick and flat cutting.

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