Gear Pumps Types and Applications

Gear Pumps Types can be divided into micro gear pump for solidifying fluids, pumps for paint plant / lecithin / sealant spray automotive industry / thermo forming plates, and booster pump as per gear pumps applications.

gear pump

Gear Pumps Types and Applications:
Micro gear pump for solidifying fluids:

For pumping solidifying fluids, we have chosen the magnetically coupled micro gear pump type mzr11558+D. This already existing pump type has been executed with a double walled, heatable containment shroud. The double walled containment shroud also keeps fluids cool!
The pump was supplied complete with:
Control unit
Filter element
Check valve
For optimal operation and dosing.
Pumps by Batte are available in many configurations which makes the micro pumps suitable for a wide range of applications.
The larger pumps by Batte Pump Systems can also be executed as a heatable version! Both pump housing and the containment shroud.

Pumps for paint plant:
Pumps for production process with low viscosity, high differential pressure and wide flow range.

Pump for lecithin:
Stainless steel pump for pumping lecithin. This gear pump is very suitable for pumping slightly viscous fluids with a differential pressure of 6 bar.
The pump is CIP cleanable, for hygienic reasons.
The pump is assembled with a gear reducer for running with reduced speeds. The driver is also designed to be used with a frequency inverter for easy variation of the capacity.
For mounting on the shop floor and alignment of the driver, the unit is executed with a stainless steel baseplate.

Pump for sealant spray automotive industry:
Batte refinex 36 for increased sealant velocity of EFSEAM body sealer. The application of a refinex 36 optimizes the production process, eliminating the need for finishing.
Reduced sealant usage
Increased vehicle throughput per unit of time
No recharge time means that the time between the vehicles is reduced from 60 to 15 seconds.

Pump and control for thermo forming plates:
Batte extrex GP56 and maax 100 control for an increase in capacity of an extrusion line without pump with wear on extruder and cylinder. This line yielded only 380 kg/hour.
In new condition, for this type of line a capacity of 450 kg/hour is possible. The application of an extrex GP pump by Batte optimized the output to 550 kg/hour.
Besides, the production line showed a much more stable production and restarting after screen change was reduced from 30 minutes to only 30 seconds.

Booster pump TR224 with discontinuous screen changer:
Batte thermorex booster pump combined with a discontinuous screen changer type FSC450 by respectively Batte Pump Systems and Batte Filtration Systems.
This is a frequently applied combination for compounding and pelletizing thermoplastics. For pelletizing, often an underwater pelletizer type Sphero by Automatik Plastics Machinery is installed.
Particular in this installation is that it is placed on a by Batte constructed, mobile platform. Screws of the extruder can herewith easily be removed.

Booster pump extrex with continuous screen changer:
Batte extrex booster pump combined with a Batte continuous screen changer type CSC by respectively Batte Pump Systems and Batte Filtration Systems.
This is a frequently used combination for compounding and pelletizing thermoplastics. Very often an underwater pelletizing system type Sphero by Automatik Plastics Machinery is installed.

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