Melt pumps

Melt pumps are used in plants for processing and pelletizing polyolefins, and used to equip high-performance compounding system. The melt pump has either a single or twin-shaft drive.

melt pumps

Melt pumps function and application:
Use of melt pumps is necessary in individual cases in plants for processing and pelletizing polyolefins. It ensures the necessary pressure build-up for the melt filtration and pelletizing at a very low energy input.
We equip our high-performance compounding system with melt pumps from our own production for these individual cases. Their design is the result of years of development work and has been proven in practice many times.

Melt pumps design features:
A pair of gears with straight involute gear teeth runs in polymer-lubricated, hydrodynamic sliding bearings. These components are built into a housing which is closed off from the outside on both sides by covers and the threaded shaft seals operating without contact inside. The exact process design, e.g. the type of cooling and the size of the operating clearances, are calculated and determined project and product-specific by our experts. The melt pumps have either a single or twin-shaft drive.

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