The flow characteristics of gear pump

Internal gear pumps have a very small number of fluid lost because these fluids are used to smooth bearings and gears on both sides, and the pump will never be able to void-cooperation, it can not be discharged from the fluid outlet 100%, so a handful of fluid lost is inevitable. internal gear pump has a very small loss of fluid, which makes the operation of the pump does not reach 100% power, these fluids are used as bearings and gears smooth sides, and the pump can by no means free of voids cooperation, the can not be discharged from the fluid outlet 100%, so a small number of fluid lost is inevitable. However, the gear pump can still be distinguished in the operation of most of extrudate, it is still able to reach 93% to 98% power.

Speaking in terms, also called a positive displacement gear pump device, i.e. like a piston inside the cylinder, when the fluid entering the space of one tooth of the teeth of another, the liquid is squeezed mechanically discharged. Because the liquid is not tight, so the liquid and the tooth can not occupy the same space at the same time, so that the liquid was swept away. Because of the constant engagement of the teeth, in the representation on the series of attack, and therefore also in the outlet of the pump is supplied with a series of sweep volume per revolution of the pump, the discharge amount is the same. Followed by the continuous rotation of the drive shaft, the pump will discharge fluid continuously. Pump flow and speed of the pump directly.

About viscosity or density changes in fluid technology, this melt pump is not being much of an impact. If there is a damper, such as the discharge port side with a screen or a constraint, a fluid pump is advancing through them. If this change in the work of the damper, i.e., if the filter becomes dirty, blocked, or the back pressure is a constraint, the gear pump will continue to adhere steady flow until the device reaches the mechanical parts of the weakest limit (generally equipped with a torque restraint device).

On a pump speed, in fact constrained, this technique depends on the primary fluid, if the transmission is oil, a gear pump is able to change at high speed, but when the fluid is a high viscosity polymers when the melt, this constraint will be significantly decreased.

Promote blood flow into the suction inlet side of the space between two teeth is a very important, if not filled the overflow space, the pump flow rate can not be discharged accurately, the value of PV (pressure × velocity) is a constraint element of the other, It is a technical variable. Because of these constraints, the gear pump manufacturer will supply a range of goods that are not the same standards and displacement (the amount discharged per revolution). These pumps will phase in cooperation with the detailed use of technology to enable the system to reach the optimum and price.

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