Zhengzhou Batte Melt Pump Co., Ltd. and commitment to ensure that the company's products

Commitment to product quality

1 Batte melt pump company has nearly a decade of development, and manufacturing history, with its superior design capabilities, rich manufacturing experience, strict quality control system, zero-defect quality culture, promised to provide attractive products.

2 Using the design selected qualified material, based on product quality standards, according to the design process, the application of advanced equipment manufacturing, and welcome customer site producer.

3 domestic high-quality selection of brand-name accessories to ensure the quality of the whole product.

4 parts to implement self-test, mutual inspection and two pairs of 100% inspection. Each head according to product testing standards for a half-hour no-load and load testing to ensure product quality to meet national standards or contractual requirements, and welcome customers on-site supervision trials.

◆ delivery quality commitment

1 The company strictly according to the contract for production, shipping, guarantee delivery time according to the contract.

2. Provide special needs of product design, manufacturing, to meet customer's individual needs.

◆ Pre-service commitments

Every sales engineers will provide comprehensive pre-sale services to our customers, while, according to the customer working conditions, purpose, to help customers select the appropriate products and offers comprehensive solutions for transporting pressurized.

◆ service commitment

A company with a comprehensive customer service team, portrait listening to customer service requirements, to provide comprehensive after-sales service, all worries lifting customer.

2 year three bags of product quality, lifetime warranty. Belong to product quality problems, repair period, repair, replacement or return, and to provide lifelong maintenance services, spare parts supply.

3 customers in the use of the process, the quality problem, after receiving a written customer service requirements, two hours to reply, for on-site service within 1000 km 2 days to reach the service site, 10 kilometers away three days to reach the site of service.

4 installation guide, regularly visit.

◆ product quality security

Batte melt pump, Ltd., Zhengzhou (Zhengzhou Batte Machinery Co., Ltd.) for each product are uniquely coded by the computer, and playing through the computer to the product nameplate coders. Customers who wish to determine the authenticity of products, call us phone you can get a satisfactory answer.

◆ product quality insurance

Batte melt pump, Ltd., Zhengzhou (Zhengzhou Batte Machinery Co., Ltd.) for each product were characterized by "China People's Insurance Company" for product quality liability insurance.


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