Development Trend of China gear pumps

Hydraulic system is toward the direction of fast response, small size, low noise development. Melt Pump Zhengzhou Batte prompt you in order to meet this requirement, KCB gear pump in addition to actively take steps to maintain its dominant position in the outer low pressure dosing system, lubrication system, etc., still need to develop in the following directions:

1, high-pressure system of high-pressure technology is required, but also gear pumps and piston pumps, vane pumps competition must be addressed. The working pressure of the gear pump has made great progress, but the structure itself being limited, in order to further enhance the stress is difficult to be developed a new structure of the gear pump. In this respect, multi-gear pump will have a great advantage, especially balanced composite gear pump.

2, low pulsation flow pulsation flow will cause pressure pulsations, causing the system to generate vibration and noise, and this is inconsistent with the requirements of modern hydraulic systems. Reduce flow pulsation method, in addition to the measures described earlier, the use of internal gear pump and multi-gear pump (such as composite gear pump) will be a trend.

3, low noise abroad have long been "quiet" says the pump. As people's awareness of environmental protection for the gear pump noise requirements have become more stringent. Noise gear pump consists of two parts, one part is a mechanical gear meshing noise generated by the process units, and the other part is the precision machining and installation of the oil trapped in the hydraulic shock generated by the former and the gear noise, while the latter depends mainly on Pump unloading is complete. For external gear pump high viscosity gear, to achieve complete unloading is very difficult, thus further reducing the noise of the pump subject to certain restrictions. In this regard. Internal gear pump due to have a smooth operation, no phenomenon of trapped oil, low noise characteristics, so in the future there will be greater development.

4, large displacement system some of the requirements for rapid movement, the large displacement is required. But improving conventional gear pump displacement is limited by many factors. In this regard, balanced complex gear pump has significant advantages, such as a desk three composite idler gear pump displacement equivalent to six single-pump.

5, the displacement of the variable displacement gear pump can not be adjusted, limiting its scope. In order to change the gear pump displacement, domestic and foreign scholars have done a lot of research work and made a lot of research. Patented variable displacement gear pump has many aspects related to, but really very little can be converted into products. In any case, the variable displacement gear pump is a development direction

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