the trade advantage and problems of Gear pumps in China

the trade advantage and problems of Gear pumps in China

Currently, many times China imported gear pump, gear pump gear higher than domestic pump, but did a great job abroad, gear pump industry has made tremendous. Of course, the "Made in China" has swept the globe, the pump industry is no exception. Compared to Western pump gear pump, the domestic industry has the advantages of both, and has a gap.

Champoux consultation machinery industry analyst pointed out: Compared to Western gear pump industry, the pump has two main advantages:

On the one hand, is a relatively small country with western wages, while most companies from elsewhere to recruit workers, in order to reduce the cost of workers' dormitory facility. Enterprise Leasing plant or compared with Western countries, the construction cost of the plant, lower factory. Low cost is the gear pump in our competitive advantage.

On the other hand, the rapid growth of China's construction, petroleum, petrochemical, environmental markets and major water diversion project is also important to support the development of Chinese pump. We can say that China's growing market space is a prerequisite in order to maintain the advantages of Chinese pump.

Compared to Western gear pump industry, pump industry in China is still a lot of gaps and deficiencies:

The first is the ability to keep the design. Some of China's large state-owned enterprises can now pump production parts overseas. The company has advanced computer data processing centers and CNC machine control, computer-aided design, coordinate measuring devices. But few of these devices for the processing of domestic products. It also hinders China Pump design capabilities. So most of the gear pump design capacity can only meet the domestic market.

Once again, the gear pump backward processing. While some melt pump manufacturers in the country with modern equipment, automatic operation can be achieved, even Western companies will cast shame. But most companies obsolete equipment, poor working environment. Steel, cast iron material waste in the large production process.

There are a lot of technological innovation capability gear pumps and processing enterprises, the current shortage in China. Advanced technology, innovation rarely do, because this pump is difficult for enterprises to export the results of Western markets.

As a general recommendation is still published the "2012-2016 China hydraulic gear pump analysis and market research report Outlook" Show: countries have developed a number of policies to address the problems of the gear pump industry. Forward foreign exchange market for technology policy, "the transfer of technology, joint design, manufacture carbon dioxide" and other ways of cooperation with foreign countries, while ensuring that domestic enterprises have dichroic ratio, promote domestic enterprises to master the complete R & D and manufacturing technology. In this case, China gear pump industry should seize the opportunity to catch up.

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