How to improve the life of melt pump

How to improve the life of melt pump
We provide ten measures:
1. because the pump is operating at high temperatures, so cold when installing piping should be located on the hinge bearing, after heating the pipe to prevent displacement.
2. Coupling alignment must be hot after heating pump, in order to avoid additional torque when running.
3. pump outlet pressure measuring points to be set up interlock stop the alarm, otherwise, once the exhaust pipe is blocked, could easily lead to pump damage.
4. When the pump starts, no pressure at the outlet is formed, not blindly speed in order to prevent premature failure of the shaft or bearing.
5. Cleaning pipette, do not wash fluid delivery pump, remove the pieces, the end of the pipette after installation, to avoid entering the foreign body within the pump.
6. medium heat pump may be slightly lower than the temperature of the jacket around the jacketed heat medium temperature. The melt viscosity and shear rate as a function of diminishing extrusion gear bearing shear pump will increase the melt temperature after 3 ~ 5 ℃, the temperature of the heat medium to reduce the degradation of the melt is prevented. Data show that by lowering the temperature of the bearing area can greatly increase the carrying capacity of the bearing, no need to replace large capacity pumps, only 50% can be used by increasing the speed of the gear pump output capacity.
7. speed to be slow, do not make a sharp rise in pressure before and after, to avoid damage to the bearings or the melt lubrication channel blockage.
8. Pump outlet behind the melt filter should be changed regularly, not even the long-running pressure in the high pressure limit.
9. regular replacement bearings can save maintenance costs. When the shaft or the bearing surface was found was close to the thickness of the wear layer is cured, the shaft can be re-used after grinding, and to replace only the bearing, which can extend the life of the shaft 8 to 10 years.
10. The case of a power outage or a heat medium circulation interrupted for more than 3Omin, the disintegration of the pump should be cleaned after reassembly, so as to avoid solidification of the melt, causing cracking and other damage to the pump bearing lubrication leaving the poor. Gear pumps are ideal for handling high viscosity liquids equipment, its wide range of applications.

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