Batte company's high temperature high pressure melt pump promotion of high priority

Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou handsome European brand produced mainly by the melt pump casing, front and rear side cover, gear shafts, bearings and shaft seal. Shuai European brand melt pump are positive displacement pumps, the company relies on brand melt pump working volume change of the main, driven gear meshing with each other due to the time to transport melts. Melt pump working volume by the pump, gear and bearing with alveolar side function composition. When the melt gear pump gear is rotated, the melt enters the suction chamber cogging two gears, as the gear rotates, the melt is discharged into the chamber from both sides of the gear again, so that the melt alveolar being squeezed discharge chamber, the pressure to the outlet pipe. As long as the shaft rotates, the gear is sent to the outlet on the pressure side of the melt, so the temperature can reach very high melt pump discharge pressure, discharge pressure and flow and basically does not matter.

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