Batte company produces plastic extrusion machine for melt pump works

Batte Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. production of plastic extrusion machine for melt pump works:
Plastic extrusion machine for melt pump pumps belong to a special high-temperature melt products, relying on mutual engagement primary driven gear working volume changes caused by temperature melt medium to convey special plastic extruder melt pump. Melt pump consists of pump volume, alveolar and bearing sleeve with side panels feature gears. Melt pump when the gear rotates, the melt enters the suction chamber cogging two gears, as the rotation of the melt is discharged into the chamber from both sides of the gear again that the melt extruded alveolar the discharge chamber, the pressure to the outlet pipe. Melt gear pump bearing grease can not be used generally to prevent contamination melt, melt pump series so Batte solve the shortcomings of similar products.

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