Zhengzhou Batte, steady flow of the melt pump working principle

Melt pump, resistance occurs when the outlet of the pump, such as the filter, or a filter plate mold produced, the pump cylinder barrel gear like a piston, the embodiment of the discharge zone the melt extrusion role in order to achieve the booster pump function. Meanwhile, the gear pump and the equivalent of a rotating barrier, effectively blocking the feed zone of pressure fluctuations and flow fluctuations affect the discharge zone. When the pump inlet pressure fluctuation due to various factors within a large range, the pump outlet pressure fluctuations can be controlled in a very small range of variation. Experiment proved that the attenuation of the pressure pump has a good filtration or pressure. Since the mechanism of the pump delivery pressure and the isolation characteristic in the discharge zone of the pump, the pressure and flow factors are significantly reduced volatility and easy to control, so that the pump output flow rate of the melt stable, accurate.

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