Batte melt pump installation and use

Zhengzhou BATTE melt pump offers three installation methods : a drive shaft mounted horizontally , the drive shaft is installed facing up , install the drive shaft down , depending on the location and convenience of the site to select the installation method. When installing gently , lifting ZB-100cc or more series of melt pumps should be used when lifting ring , if not installed by the arrival of more than three months , re- cleaning seal .
When installing the initiative to adjust the melt pump shaft and motor shaft concentricity , as far as possible concentric , to avoid increasing the attachment force , melt pump mounting direction on the front cover , hit the import , export and rotation direction of the drive shaft seal labeling, if no special production requirements , the pump drive shaft is rotated clockwise . Melt pump base stand to be smooth and have sufficient strength and rigidity , even fastening bolt mounting holes .
Zhengzhou Bart melt pump before shipment commissioning rigorous testing , the indicators meet the requirements, can be used directly after delivery , whatever the size of the melt pump should start using load load low speed (5rpm) run period of time , to be adequately lubricated the bearings , speed and slowly add up to enhance the working pressure , more stable when running , you can pump and the entire system will be gradually transferred to the normal process speed and pressure.
Melt pump before operation , should be uniform preheating temperature should not exceed 120 ℃ per hour ,
Before the pump without starting the pump do not reach operating temperature , most likely to cause damage to the cold start of the pump, if there is material in the pump , heating until the temperature reaches the working temperature constant after 30 minutes or more , to avoid melting the starting material is not completely damage the pump .
When first used , after heating to make a complete response to the heat pump bolt tight, if the packing tight angle when dealing with heat , and to ensure that the drive shaft and the ground is surrounded by a uniform gap , to ensure optimal working If a mechanical seal ( with auxiliary cooling water seal ) , please charge the secondary seal on the water or gas.
During the commissioning process , melt pump inlet try to meet a certain pressure , the higher the theoretical inlet pressure , it is more stable , but is bound to give the host a big load increases , the entrance is generally sufficient to meet the 3-4MPA meet melt feed pump , closed-loop control of the inlet pressure setting 3-4MPA, boot with the debug host and melt pump , melt pump give a low speed (5rpm appropriate ) , and then open the host , when the inlet pressure is set when the upper and lower predetermined pressure 0.5MPM, immediately cut automatic , closed loop control , is stable for 2 minutes, slowly add the melt pump speed , a 1HZ appropriate, the pressure is stable, the action is repeated until the desired process conditions the speed and pressure. Boot sequence : first open a melt pump , and then open the host. Shutdown sequence: first off the host , in the off melt pump ....

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