Modern plastics have enormous potential

  The invention and development of a variety of plastic has changed the world, almost no technology can do this. Innovation is accelerating spiral rotation. Motivate people to respond to the potential use of new plastics, printing inks, new processing equipment and technology to meet the needs of new materials and new ideas.

  Plastics - General Modern collectively, which is called a series of hydrocarbon molecules in the polymer - from relatively simple blanket (monomer) consists of an organic polymer. These monomers connection structure, a branched or crosslinked to determine the single molecule. Today, the polymer has many uses, such as packaging and the printed circuit board.

  In any case, the polymer is not necessarily a modern synthetic products. In fact, from thousands of years ago we started using natural biopolymers (such as asphalt or resin). However, when we talk about the "plastic", we usually refer to those synthetic polymers are widely used in practical everyday life, such as polypropylene, polyethylene *** ethylene, polyethylene or polyester.

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