The melt pump to improve the quality of the plastic

  Plastics in the further development of the invention that changed the world , almost no technology can do this. Innovation is accelerating spiral rotation . Motivate people to respond to the potential use of new plastics, printing inks, new processing equipment and technology to meet the needs of new materials and new ideas . This in turn triggered new possibilities , and the desire of new materials. Although the packaging of most concern are the only transparency and stability, but the printing industry must take into account all the printability problems. Not long ago, "burn" , or make your printing process only available to polypropylene. To activate the surface to improve ink adhesion , heated by a gas flame to a short table , but does not allow the molten plastic . Not surprisingly, many companies and step-back techniques such complex and expensive .

  Nonetheless , plastic , polypropylene, still stimulate the imagination of the designer ; After all, without any other synthetic material having many uses such as polypropylene, in reality , although it is plastic and makes the environment. Therefore , some manufacturers in a special way to start the processing plant material in the surface treatment , at a later time to print . This is called Corona beer processing technology and special inks and appropriate technology to enable people to those who are "difficult " materials relatively trouble free printing.

  Meanwhile, the further development of the synthetic printing substrate , such as polystyrene rigid PVC self-adhesive foil, slide , every day in many printing companies.

  New materials, new technologies and new markets

  Although a rigid plastic material , but they have a safe place to be occupied by the screen printing . Previously, only in such a " difficult to control" handle their machines . But then the diaphragm and other flexible composite materials in the market . More and more enterprises begin to learn a new challenge : to offset flexible plastic .

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