How to Reduce Vibration of Melt Metering Pump

When the melt metering pump is in use, because of the operation relationship of various parts of the machine, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of vibration. Vibration phenomenon will have a certain impact on the use of the melt metering pump, so we need to do a good job of vibration reduction, in order to ensure the normal use of the melt metering pump. So what should be done to reduce the vibration? First of all, vibration reduction can be divided into two aspects, one is active vibration reduction, the other is passive vibration reduction. The method of active vibration reduction is to improve the basic structure or running state of metering pump, so as to control the energy generated by the vibration source to the maximum extent and achieve the purpose of vibration reduction. The other is passive vibration reduction. This passive vibration reduction measure mainly achieves the purpose of vibration reduction by reducing the intensity of vibration source or blocking the transmission of vibration. The effect of these two measures is good, especially the active vibration reduction. The measures are more adequate, so the effect achieved is also good. The main measures are to increase pipeline passage, reduce flow velocity, reduce elbow and pipeline length, increase elbow radius and reduce energy loss, so as to effectively achieve the purpose of vibration reduction. Or we can improve the processing technology, improve the accuracy of parts processing, ensure the accuracy of assembly, improve the bearing capacity of metering pump, improve the lubrication status of friction parts at transmission end, and so on. Multiple methods are combined to achieve better vibration reduction.

Of course, the effect of passive vibration reduction of melt pump is also good, but passive vibration reduction is as an auxiliary of active vibration reduction, so the effect is not very obvious. However, with the combination of these two measures, the impact of vibration on the melt metering pump will become smaller, and there will be no problems such as inaccurate accuracy or difficult operation.

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