Structure and application of high-temperature chemical fiber gear metering pump

The high-temperature chemical fiber gear metering pump mainly consists of the following key components:

Plate: This usually includes upper plate, pump plate, and bottom plate, which together constitute the main structure of the pump. The bottom plate is particularly important because it not only serves to fix the master and slave shafts, but also has inlet and outlet ports set on the bottom plate.

melt gear pump

Gears: including driving gears and driven gears. The rotational motion of these two gears is crucial for achieving liquid conveying and metering. Usually, these two gears mesh in a high-precision manner to ensure that the liquid can be stably and accurately transported and measured.

Axis: including the driving shaft and the driven shaft. They are the axis of gear rotation, carrying the rotational motion of the gear.

hot melt adhesive gear metering pump

Transmission sleeve and fixing sleeve: These components are used to ensure the stable operation of gears and shafts, and to transmit power.

In a chemical fiber gear metering pump, when the gears rotate, the melt enters the grooves of the two gears in the suction chamber. As the gear rotates, the melt is brought into the discharge chamber from both sides. When the gears mesh again, the melt in the tooth groove is extruded out of the cavity and pressed into the outlet pipeline. This working method enables the chemical fiber gear metering pump to achieve stable transportation and precise measurement of the melt.

hot melt glue pump

High temperature chemical fiber gear metering pumps are widely used in industries such as chemical, petroleum, and chemical fiber spinning. Their precise metering and stable conveying performance make them one of the indispensable equipment in these industries.


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