Melt pump control system operation

Melt pump control system using Taizhou Haige instrument, greatly improving the system's practicality. The control system has the function of display, control and alarm interlock. Pressure measurement using high temperature melt pressure sensor, temperature measurement using K-type thermocouple, temperature controller selection of integrated SSR module. The implementation of pressure control selection inverter motor.

Melt pump control system put into operation

After the equipment installation and parameter setting is completed, the system can be put into operation.

1, began to pump the front section, the pump body, and the back of the pump body preheat.

2, when the pump temperature reaches the set value, the host and pump control switch to manually start the system pressure.

3, (inlet pressure operating range 2.5-4.5MaP) Rotary pump speed control knob to produce the required pressure (outlet pressure can be adjusted according to production needs), the system is put into normal operation.

4, in the trial operation process should pay attention to observe the changes in the various parameters, if abnormal, please re-switch back to manual control. Check the reasons for timely elimination. In case of emergency can press the emergency stop button, the system stops.

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