Gear pumps

Gear pumps include chemical pumps, polymer discharge pumps, booster pumps, extrusion pumps, special pumps, food stuff pumps, mini pumps, magneticcoupling pumps, melt pumps, discharge pumps, etc.

gear pumps

Gear pumps types:
Chemical gear pump for conveying and metering of fluids with low medium viscosity.
Polymer high-pressure gear pump for the discharge of medium to high viscosity media from the reactor.
The reliable transfer and booster gear pump for polymer processing.
The reliable extrusion gear pump.
In additional to our standard pumps, we offer a wide range of special pumps
Stainless steel precision gear pumps for conveying and metering of fluids with medium to low viscosity.
The chemical MINI gear pump is particularly suitable for precision metering tasks of low to medium viscosity media.

Batte Pumps and Technology not only produces special solutions for industry but also offers a standard range of pumps. The latest technical innovations are incorporated into our standard model range, thus ensuring a very high level of technology. In addition to providing services and spare parts for our own pumps, Batte also provides comprehensive service packages for gear pumps produced by other manufacturers.

Batte Gear Pumps and Technology is renowned for its innovative drive, which makes it one of the world-leaders in this market.

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