Three breakthrough of stainless steel gear pump in China's industrial development

Our equipment gear pump industry is rapidly restructuring developments, if our equipment gear pump industry can seize this opportunity and develop breakthrough three breakthrough, which will greatly enhance the international status of China's equipment gear pump industry.

A: grasping focus on promoting the development of gear pumps Industry

At present, China's economic development basically reversed the standard lag in industrial development of the situation in which the industry is also developing gear pump out a new pattern of development of the industry is now a forward gear pump gear pump powers of direction, also in the a welcome addition to the old times.

I. Luo Baihui that, during this period, the gear pump industry enterprises are facing the situation of survival of the fittest, which will make the pattern of the gear pump industry usher in a new big change, and its industrial application in high-end technology, energy saving and environmental protection bound to certain aspects of the results, which will greatly promote the transformation of the work carried out gear pump industry for the development of enterprises hit a gear pump new industrial structure, promote the further development of the industry. To this end, according to Luo Baihui that the gear pump to increase the optimization of industrial structure is the most important current development of industrial gear pumps, gear pumps to optimize the industrial structure from the following aspects:

II: optimizing the industrial structure to promote the industrial development of stainless steel gear pump

China's current development situation gear pump capacity although the downturn, but the development of related industries was in full swing, which is the development of stainless steel gear pump industry offers a potential market demand, companies should vigorously gear pump gear pump gear pump key areas related industries market development, target market and seek greater development space.

Seize opportunities to promote the industrial development of gear pumps and equipment

The third is to follow the principles of development and industrialization of new national industrial policies, according to market-oriented economic laws and policies that have been with the industry cluster prototype has built industrial parks and industrial clusters, to strengthen training, adhere to standards, according to industry cluster mode operation, cultivating a variety of industrial cluster model, sum up experience, to promote, and play a leading and exemplary role

The second is the implementation "of the gear pump industry access conditions" to close the waste of resources, pollute the environment and do not have the safety conditions of the enterprise, the gear pump industry healthy and orderly development. According to Luo Baihui that the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and other industries are key areas related to the development of industrial gear pumps industry, focusing on these important industry is the docking gear pump market needs of industrial development, speed up and intensify development needs of these industries for gear Pump identify channels to sell and promote the development of production gear pump is the key to the rapid development of gear pumps industry. This is all thanks to our improved in recent years to discover talents and gear pump gear pump technology and training levels, people-oriented, relying on scientific and technological progress, which is the fundamental way forward for the development of industrial gear pumps, I believe in this concept Under the guidance of the gear pump machinery industry will be a huge breakthrough.

Three: stainless steel gear pump industry is expected to break through the bottleneck of China's machinery

From the current status of the development of equipment gear pump business point of view, you can clearly feel the foreign companies affected by the financial crisis is more serious, and domestic equipment manufacturers gear pump has been significantly improved as a whole. According to Luo Baihui that the static pressure molding line efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection smelting equipment, large tonnage Mixer, cold box core centers and other advanced equipment to get the development of gear pumps, gear pumps equipped with a positive display of large capacity, specialization, high-precision , energy saving, environmental protection, low noise direction. Our gear pump mechanical industry, though has maintained rapid growth momentum, but its development is still facing many bottlenecks.

First, industry restructuring should be to focus on accelerating growth in insurance adjustment of industrial structure, support gear pump backbone enterprises cross-industry, cross-regional, cross-ownership association, merger, reorganization, cultivate a batch of internationally competitive large enterprise Group and "special, unique, refined, the new" specialized production enterprises, form a complementary and coordinated development of a new pattern of industrialization. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy continues to develop as well as China's foreign trade, China's machinery industry achieved a gear pump huge breakthrough, according to Luo Baihui analysis, China's machinery industry is expected to gear pumps break through the bottleneck of its development, the rapid growth .

The current development of the gear pump industry has entered a phase of urgent structural optimization. Paying close attention to industry restructuring same time, the gear pump product structure adjustment to do business within the enterprise to adapt to the trends and needs of our country and the world economic development, improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

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