Molding machine market demand growth in the United States

May this year, U.S. imports of injection molding machines from $ 7.027 million , is the largest country imports from China injection molding machine in May . In fact, the same amount last year , but last year's investments in other Asian countries has not decreased heat , like Thailand, Vietnam and other countries are also a large number of injection molding machines imported from the country , and this year these countries dropped sharply , making the United States as a country exporting injection molding machine big country .
In fact , in 2012 the United States has improved significantly from the amount of imported injection molding machines , which have a certain relationship with the then began to make manufacturing return. 2012 U.S. annual imports of injection molding machines from $ 52,805,000 , an increase of 124.5% to reach , so in fact the United States increased significantly from the start of injection molding machines imported in 2012 , and from the first five months , the volume of its imports same as last year , compared to last year, five months ago , actually declined slightly .
Although the United States has been able to May of this year to become China 's largest exporter of injection molding machine has a great relationship with the economic slowdown in other Asian countries , investment, but the global economic downturn, the lack of consumption and investment driven , the United States can maintain such investment, with its own economic recovery , the manufacturing sector 's return is not without relevance. Recently, the U.S. industrial production released a report indicating that the manufacturing sector is recovering . The survey also showed that in June 2013 Plastics and rubber products manufacturing industry rose 4.8 %. SPI officials said the presence of the Plastics Industry " great opportunity " before the end of the year to return to the level before the global recession . Current production capacity and equipment utilization U.S. plastics industry is 20% lower than the end of 2007 ( before the crisis ) ....

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