Batte: melt gear pump can not be ignored

Batte: melt gear pump can not be ignored
On-board sheet, pipe , biaxially oriented film , fiber optic cable and other products produced in the extrusion process , a melt gear pump mounted on the extrusion equipment is necessary . What melt gear pump which can bring benefits?
With the development of the plastics industry , end-customer requirements for product quality continues to improve, and therefore out of the pump shown in the extrusion process is now an increasingly important role, especially in areas such as high-quality plate sheet, pipe , biaxially oriented film , fiber optic cables and other products essential to the production areas .
Improve the dimensional stability
The role of the internal screw extruder by the movement mechanism , generally at the head of the melt pressure manifests itself pulse fluctuations. Such fluctuations through its own PID regulator is usually not eliminate , and generally up to 5 ~ 20bar (1bar = 105pa). If the head is installed in the rear of the melt gear pump , you can through continuous engagement between the teeth and the Maghreb (Maag) extrusion pump involute helical gear -type technology , increasing the engagement of the teeth , so the material for continued steady squeeze to eliminate pressure fluctuations. As shown in Figure 1, P1 is the pressure head in the melt , volatile ; P2 is installed after the pump outlet pressure is almost no fluctuation .
For the purposes of the subsequent process to ensure a smooth flow of materials and reduce volatility when the melt pressure is very important.
Because it was able to secure a more stable product size. Melt pressure fluctuations in the smaller tubes and more uniform thickness of the sheet, so that the size of the cables, the light is controlled to be more precise.
Product size and stability not only can greatly improve product quality, reduce finished product defect rate , more importantly, to save the consumption of raw materials . According to the analysis , using a melt gear pump Maag later , depending on the material properties and process different materials , different levels of availability of raw materials savings , maximum of 2% of the raw material can be saved .

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